Wireless Internet access

The Lloydminster Public Library offers free wireless Internet access through one of our two Access Points during hours that the Library is open.

You must register at the front desk and receive a scratch code to use the wifi service.

Note that Library staff are not able to troubleshoot or resolve issues on your computer.

Our wireless service is offered as is and as with all wireless services is not secure. You make use of the service at your risk and responsibility.

Quick Start

    1. View available wireless networks
    2. Select SSID ALPE or ALPW depending on signal strength
    3. Click connect
    4. Start your web browser and point it at your favorite page
    5. When the login screen displays enter the scratch code. The code is good for seven days from first use and can only be used on a single device. If you have more than one wifi-enabled device you wish to use, you need a code for each one.

Troubleshooting FAQ

Q1: I see a warning message about certificates when I open my browser, what should I do?

A1: This message is generated by your browser to warn you that the security certificate being presented by our hotspot is not from a known certificate agency - that is OK.

Q2: I can't see either the ALPE or ALPW network, what should I do?

A2: If you can see other networks when you are at the library but ALPE or ALPW don't appear please report this to staff at the Information Desk. If you can't see any networks try repairing your wireless adapter by right-clicking the WiFi icon in the Systray and clicking "Repair".

Q3: Why can I access the WiFi network in some parts of the library but not others?

A3: Wireless Internet uses radio waves to send signals between devices on the network; these signals can be obstructed or absorbed by certain materials such as metal or concrete. Also, your wireless card may not have enough range to associate with the access point from every corner of the building. We have two access points, one at each end of the library to try and solve this problem.

If you need any help or would like to leave feedback, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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