Employment at Lloydminster Public Library

Lloydminster Public Library only accepts resumes for posted positions.

There are no positions available at this time.

Career information

The Library employs people with a number of different backgrounds. We have summarized the different career paths below.

Please contact the Head Librarian if you would like further career or employment information.


Librarians manage the library, managing decisions about the programs and services we offer, determining what materials are bought for each area, training staff and the public.

Librarians have a Master's degree in Library/Information Science -- for program information visit the University of Alberta.

Library technicians

Library technicians supervise specific areas such as programs, materials acquisition, and administrative support.

Library technicians have a diploma in the library and information technology -- offered at SAIT, Grant McEwan and Sask Polytechnic.

Library assistants

Library assistants provide direct customer service in the reference and circulation area.

Library assistants require computer literacy and some formal training -- generally from SAIT's library operations program.


Pages are responsible for returning thousands of books to the shelf each month and maintaining the collection in order.

Pages must be 15 years of age and be able to handle the physical work of returning materials.